Success Stories

Keto Breads that Began in the Boxing Ring

The founder of Keto Caveman Bakery, Bahram, was a professional boxing coach who needed to teach his students to cut weight fast before their fights.  Rapid weight loss could be dangerous if it were mostly water weight loss.  Dehydration could lead to brain to be dizzy, fatigued and unfocused.  Severe dehydration can cause brain damage.   Drawing on the science of the keto diet along with his own ancestral tradition of Sufic nutrition and health, he was able to help students cut weight while preserving stamina and mental clarity in the ring.

While coaching young athletes, his passion for this knowledge was passed on and with his expertise in the food industry, the seed of making keto foods that worked as well for the athlete as well as anyone who just wanted to make a better lifestyle choice h was born.  

We began in the boxing ring, and now we fight the good fight for your well-being!