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We are very pleased to introduce Caveman Cafe and the philosophical bedrock of our resolve to provide nutritious yet affordable food for each and every Earth citizen regardless of their circumstances.  We started as a conversation between a chef and a personal trainer about the lack of wholesome healthy food at a good price point in Vancouver - food as medicine.  This idea germinated into the location close to the Chinatown/DTES area where students, creatives, artists, homeless, and businessmen etc. all come together for a moment in their day to put nutrition into their bodies when they do not have the time luxury of cooking at home.  

Our efforts to ensure inclusiveness from inception reflect the idea that the most disadvantaged of society will be served with exactly the same commitment as our customers.  We burst with pride as well when we cater to the Progressive Housing Society in Burnaby, a women's shelter that provides a safe haven from abuse.  They have recently asked us to expand catering to their second location one day a week to give their overworked kitchen staff a well-deserved break.  For our neighbours, the street residents of the DTES, we are determined to give to them on a regular basis as an example of how we define ourselves.  We make a conscious effort to reject 3rd party mediators in these endeavours.  Our entire staff, through direct contribution, experiences the true spirit of gift economy that mirrors Nature's own processes.

Actor Isaac Keys, among other celebrities, sometimes joins us in giving to the residents of DTES. Click here.

Mini-documentary about our efforts. Click here

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