我们的餐厅拥有生铜,素食,无谷蛋白, 以及倾向旧石器时代的饮食。

Healthy Meals for Any Diet Protocol

Use our filter by diet menu above to find out what suits your lifestyle, instantly - whether that’s paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or other dietary needs.

Tasty menu dynamic enough to fit any lifestyle.
We are a different kind of restaurant and bakery – Caveman Café is the KING OF KETO - aiming to support your health & fitness goals, without compromising on flavour.


Bold flavours & unique recipes
Hearty, aromatic, globally-inspired dishes - from burritos &  butter chicken, to Keto Pizza & 12 oz. Grassfed Steaks! Generously portioned and fully customizable. You pick exactly the proteins, cheeses, vegetables and sauces that serve your tastes or dietary protocols.

Many Vegetarian and Vegan Options – Plant-based entrees and raw-vegan dessert items that are Gluten-free and nutrient-dense, and sweetened with coconut sugar or maple syrup.


King of Keto
Are you following a Keto diet for diabetes or Weight Loss & Maintenance? Our delicious keto meals are full of Energy, and Health, with Low carbs, Zero Refined Sugar, Good Fats for Energy & Brain Health and No processed ANYTHING.




People love Caveman!

& we love people!

wxwú7mesh (Squamish) Coast Salish peoples 
May 12, 2020 

Caveman Café provision of food to PHS Community Services Society new COVID-19 housing space, The Lark Hostel at 103 East Hastings Street.

We have been working with Caveman Café throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to supply our residents with high quality, healthy meals. We find them incredibly responsive to our requests, especially in the understanding way they deal with last-minute order changes and individual dietary requirements. They deliver a range of food, from platters to individual portions, and it’s a pleasure to see our residents receiving delicious and nutritious meals on a regular basis.

Micheal Vonn
Chief Executive Officer
PHS Community Services Society

Caveman Cafe has come through for me on numerous occasions. They are flexible with their timing and menu. Their prices can't be beat and there is never a shortage of food. For every lunch on our busy film sets I always hear from the cast and crew that they loved the food! Can't recommend Caveman Cafe Catering enough!

Mack Stannard - Film + Commercial Producer  
Stannard Productions
Many years ago I was addicted to drugs, alcohol, eating junk food, etc. & I was depressed & close to 'taking my life'. About 45 years ago I became clean & sober & made a commitment to being more conscious of eating healthy. I have since co-founded the Kindness Foundation of Canada; Founded & organized the World Kindness Concerts, became an internationally renowned speaker and author of eight books . . .

As you can see I have become very focused on kindness in all ways, but I've had a huge focus on eating well. I can't even tell you how excited I was when I saw, a few years ago, Caveman opening in Vancouver. I was there at the start & watched it grow & I was able to witness their commitment to, not only people's health, but to caring about the people's lives in our community. I've always been impressed by their prices, especially considering the quality of their food, & to the large portions their customers were given.

One of the beauties, too, for me was to see the variety of people who are attracted to Caveman...all ages, styles of dress, ethnic backgrounds, etc. - this is what community is all about! The warm, friendly greeting everyone received was such an added bonus!

Brock Tully

May 2020

I love the food at The Caveman Restaurant. I work in the area and when I am yearning for a healthy, tasty lunch, that's where I go. In this age of corporate  franchises, it has the feel of family restaurant where the owners and staff try to learn your name. Once in a while, the manager encourages me to try a new dish and when I refuse, he occasionally offers it to me for free. When he learned that I worked at InFocus Film School, he offered me a discount and extended it to all the students. I'm rooting for this place during the pandemic because it has heart.

Steve Rosenberg Executive Director and Founder of InFocus Film School

"Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food."
- Hippocrates

Corporate Catering

Whatever your business function may be, we have you covered for delicious and professionally presented food that will make all of your most important clients happy!

  • Meetings

  • Seminars

  • Office Parties


Our Philosophy

Food shouldn’t just taste great, it should make you feel great.  The food we eat impacts our physical and mental well-being.  This is at the heart of our philosophy, offering whole natural ingredients, free of additives and preservatives.








Our Specialty

The foods you crave with a healthy twist. Burgers, pizzas, pastas, lasagna, desserts - foods you love made healthy.

  • Almond cassava dough (gluten free)

  • Yam cassava dough (gluten free)

  • Almond, cashew, and tapioca cheeses. (dairy free)

  • Zucchini noodles

  • Eggplant lasagna

  • Non-medicated meat

  • Wild salmon

  • Free-run chicken


Food Service Bulk

Ask us about our bulk wholesale products.

  • Keto bread

  • Paleo bread


We love our customers

& they love us too!

“A friend of mine showed me this hidden gem today and I was beyond pleased. Lots of vegan options, organic coffee, extremely courteous and friendly staff and large portions. Definitely will be back in the near future (read this week). Also shout out to Eliza for going extra mile for me and my coffee request!”

- Martina Jan. 2019 (Google Review)
“The staff here are awesome and always willing to recommend or contribute to my order. Everything tastes amazing, is always fresh, and is an excellent health option to fast food!! Recently started trying their desserts that are sugar, gluten & dairy free and they are awesome too!! It's definitely a once a week hit up for me being so close to my office!"

- David Ford, Mortgage Advisor Jan. 2019 (Google Review)
“It was the first time I went to this nice place and can't tell how much I loved food over there. The owner is such a nice and welcoming person. He made my special order himself which I felt very special and it really tasted like home! And because of my first time there he served us free drinks, very health ones! I loved the environment a lot also. It gives you pleasant feeling when you are having your meal. I am so blessed my friend took me there and highly recommend to everyone :)”

- Rozita, March 2019 (Google Review)